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Along with Bucharest Fashion Week events you can have the exposition you want. Designers, Original Fashion Creations, Social Media Expression, Streaming Live for the latest creations of creators from Romania and Europe. Come with us to enjoy the exposure you deserve!

We expect you to associate your Brand with the latest 2018 creations in a select frame with UNIQUE MEDIA exposure!

We are just waiting to meet you and join us in 20-22 April 2018

The biggest event in Romania, Bucharest Fashion Week, will take place between 20-22 April 2018.

Here we will meet designers from around the world, fashion critics, TV celebrities, VIPs and people with a special trend towards fashion.

The new collections of this year will be presented in a luxurious ambience, enjoying a spectacular podium surrounded by attentive public eye.

Every story is different, and each event is unique through its concept and complexity. At La Soirée – Exclusive Venue, versatile space gives rise to distinct frames.

What is Soirée? A chameleonic space, a true production studio for courageous dreams. Event-themed events with invitations on other geographic or temporal coordinates can be implemented faithfully. Soirée offers complete packages for creative-inspired evenings, based on original decoration sketches with 3D elements or other special pieces of scenography.

General decoration, walls, lights, ceilings or interior decorations can be changed according to the concept of the event, completely changing the layout of the room and offering the chance to create a real show, unique, every time.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you




The appearance of the logo on all promotional materials of the event: poster, video, postings and press releases;

Presentation of the company logo on the Facebook event and on the site with the logo and redirection to the company’s website;

Run logo or video (max. 5 seconds) on the LED during the event – the event will be broadcast LIVE;

Verbal branding by MC 3 times during the event;

The presence of up to 3 banners / roll-ups (other visual identity elements) at the event venue;

Inserting promotional and informative materials into the Event Map and Gift Aways;

Branding at the event: sampling, corner products, photo cabin, butafority elements a.a.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact us

Darius Gheara (+40775.636.139)
Mădălina Petrean (+40744.805.380)
Andra Duma (+0756.368.538)
Mail: [email protected]

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For Accreditation Press and / or any questions related to BFW events do not hesitate to contact us:

Bucharest Fashion Week – The largest event in Romania.