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Project Description

About Atelierele ILBAH


Atelierele ILBAH is a reference school in Romania that sets trends in the field of Adult Vocational Training. The project was born at the end of 2012 and addresses both jobseekers and those who want to consolidate their position in the company where they are already working, as well as to the passionate people who want to turn their hobby in a profession.

Courses & BFW


Our courses

Atelierele ILBAH provide over 35 courses accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications, which can be grouped into four main areas of activity: Design, Fashion, Business and Beauty. The course program is varied and can be tailored to the needs of everyone (morning, lunch, after-work or weekend program).
Our school constantly seeks to bring something new either in the teaching style or in the way courses are being developed or in the promotion of talents, relying on a lot of new practices and new learning concepts comparable to those from abroad. That’s why we appreciate when passionate people engage in inspirational projects, driving their passion on the highest heights of success.

BFW & Atelierele ILBAH

Since our foundation, our school has contributed to each of Bucharest Fashion Week’s editions, through partnerships in various fields such as hairstyling, photography, floral design or fashion design. Our trainers and trainees also received numerous awards at the event:
• Alexandru Barbulescu, Trainer ILBAH Workshops, Awarded Best Hairstylist BFW in 2016 and 2017

•Ilona Andreoiu, graduate Atelierele ILBAH – Fashion Design Course – Award Winning Best Designer BFW 2017

•Stefan Toma, graduate Atelierele ILBAH – Photography Course – Awarded Best Photographer ILBAH Workshops in BFW 2017

Atelierele ILBAH – School connected to reference events
Because I was talking about a lot of practice, ILBAH Workshops offer students the opportunity to participate in many events in the field they choose to attend.
The events that we represent and in which we take part are: Bucharest Fashion Week, Creativo, International Beauty Days (ZIF), Cosmobeauty, Cosmetics Beauty Hair, BIFE, Ambient Expo, Flower Expo, Make-up Fest. Besides these, we can also mention the events that we share with our partners: Antena 1, Gala Viva, Gala Unica, Bursa Newspaper, and the list can continue because our dynamics and passion have no limits! We like to get involved in as many beautiful projects as possible and not to the challenges!

Atelierele ILBAH at BFW


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Where can you find us?
We currently count two headquarters in Bucharest and a headquarters in Ploiesti, with more than 2000 square meters of classrooms, and by the end of 2018 we will have two more headquarters in the country’s largest cities.
Give it a chance and come to Atelierele ILBAH!