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Project Description

Our story


The Loulou Story is the story of designer Andra Turcanu and her dream at the same time. He started out from the attic of the parents’ house Andrei and in 5 years he got on the cover L’Officiel Russia. Andra has developed a project based on creativity, passion and maneuver. The brand was selected from 60 big brands to receive commercial space near the Oscar at Renta in the Lafayette Galleries in Dubai Mall. That’s when Andra opened a store in Melbourne, Australia, at the end of 2016. Many celebrities, both in Romania and abroad, proudly wear the outfits created by Loulou the Brand.

Mission & Philosophy


Our mission

The Loulou brand has assumed that the mission is to show the world that Romania is a country where talent and determination can generate value and create a brand, a state of mind where women can love and celebrate their beauty.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of the Loulou brand is Andrei Turcanu’s philosophy that encourages women not to abandon their femininity, build their personal style and have the courage to experiment. Loulou revaluates and replicates the female universe. The beauty holiday is nothing without “fireworks”, that’s why Andra, through the Loulou brand creations addresses
women brides through annual bridal collections, but also offers gala, party girls and street-wear luxury. Brilliant embroidery and lush finishes are the main attributes of the Loulou brand.

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