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Project Description

Our story


With the desire to bring a new value to the aesthetics at the end of 2014, AGS Jewelry is born, a jewelry store, but not like any other, but very specially having as business the sale of diamond jewelry to a high quality standard Supreme and Special Category Luxury Watches.
With AGS Jewelry, we have always been offering exquisite jewelers and exclusive watches, the best products in these categories and a unique experience due to their diversity in one location.

Mission and values


Our whole energy is focused on delivering high quality products to customers who invest with their trust. We want to offer excellence in our services and purchasing options, with a wide range of products ranging from classic jewelry to engagement rings or wedding rings, and also to gentlemen, from shirt buttons to the most exclusive brands of luxury watches .

From the beginning, the values that underpin our strategy were quality and innovation, reflected by AGS Jewelry’s products and services, as well as excellent customer relationships.

AGS Jewelry is the ideal place whether you are looking for a gift as you wish
spoil yourself or make a valuable investment!

Our collections


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