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Project Description

About us


Our place is born as a result of the need of our Sicilian family to eat at my mother’s home in Sicily, which is why we organized ourselves in search of a place to buy that we would arrange exactly like a corner of Sicily. And so we got to move with the other brothers and sisters, grandchildren from Sicily on Matasari Street 47 where we set up a traditional Sicilian restaurant “Belli Siciliani”, a typical Sicilian laboratory and confectionery, and also open a wine cellar from Sicily.
In addition to our staff, members of La Grande Famiglia Siciliana, more precisely, are six brothers who are also chefs in Sicily, the recipes and the traditional way of cooking, the ingredients brought directly from Sicily, we can also pride ourselves with the title “Cooks Ambassadors of Sicily in the World “awarded at EXPO MILANO 2015 by the Sicilian Region itself, we also represented Romania at SICILY FOR EXPO 2015. From December 2015 every year we take part in the IWA Bazaar together with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Embassy of Italy for the benefit so we have also contributed to the purchase of specialized appliances for hospitals in Romania. Also, everything that means Sicily at the Italian Cultural Institute, for example Price con Montalbano, Christmas, Carnival or Easter, we are always present with our world famous sweets: Cassata siciliana and cannolo siciliano, Arancino Siciliano. In June 2017 we received the Italian label OSPITALITA – Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo
Since June 2015, we have been sponsors of the Women’s Festival on Matasari where we recorded a record of sales of cannolo siciliano and pizza. Foods and sweets are special because, besides the fact that all ingredients are brought directly from Sicily, we do everything in our lab: from bread, pandispan, marzipan, creams, panettone and do not use preservatives!
We also have a small bed & breakfast where we host countless Italians for business or entertainment purposes in Romania.
Our summer garden, painting on the walls, paintings and all decorative objects, volcanic ash flowers and stone painted tablets in the Etna volcano lava all furnishings and decorative items were made by the Sicilian craftsmen of our family.

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