Project Description

Our story


The L’Azur Boutique brand was born out of the desire to create pieces that everyone wears wear regardless of age. You can be stylish at any age, provided you accept what suits you. 30-year-old women and 70-year-old women can wear the same things in a different way and can be stylish as long as the outfit is in harmony with their personalities. COLLECTION “HELLO LADY …” greets modern women who understand that sophistication is always in vogue. I love to know that someone’s life is better because of what I do!

Philosophy & Mission


Our philosophy

Style represents the reflection of personality and attitude. L’azur Boutique defines your own person, body and mood, motivates you to have perfect harmony between visual and ideal, helps you to highlight and to value your style and personality through the perfect reflection of the outfits as you can express it in metaphors.

Our mission

Our mission is to convey through the “Hello Lady” Collection … a unique, unmistakable moment of unrivaled shine when wearing cuts through fine cuts and fabrics, diaphanous, vaporous but extremely sexy with balanced details and accessories silk, silk, organza, and embroidered beads with fine beads and fine yarns. “Hello Lady …” brings you out of a dream, floating state where everything is of ephemeral purity, adolescent colors, in which the unreal shapes merge with the real ones … to the real-life state at a glamourous-urban stage, where the uniqueness speaks its word through a perfect fusion between the ideal of the accessorized-contemporary doll.

Our collections


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