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IN 2018 WOMEN BECOMES warrior, Muhire got inspired by female Samourai « ONNA-BUGEISHA ». Belonging to Japanese nobility that fought to protect their households, families and honor in times of war.

Design & Details


With her second collection,Muhire is willing to bring to life the spirit of women protectors silhouettes with straight lines, cross jackets and wild belts. she thought of a fashion that can be used in a different way than just covering the body but expressing who you truly are.

The ethnical touch is given by dramatic necklace made out of natural beads and colorful lace
mixed with leather and African fabrics. The feathers details suggest freedom like peafowl breaking

Short velvet skirts and pants combined with reversible hoodies celebrate the new era of sportive and dynamic woman.

WOMURAI best description is all or nothing! With its juxtapositions, a touch of luxury and a mix of texture, print and fashion personalities, You will find multiple reasons to be yourself!

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