Project Description

The story of ZEVO


Zevo, More Than a Business: Passion”
I discovered the beauty of working in the skin. Everything we do has a drop of our soul, and this makes our clients friends.
The Zevo Bags project, the story of Alexa Murteza, is wondrously sewn, I would call it a “divine revelation,” and with great dedication. He started in 2012 from the desire to spend as much time with my little ones and my passion for design and beauty.
What attracted me to entrepreneurship was the same thing that fed the dreams of many other founders: freedom. Employee of a multinational company, when the first child appeared in my life, there was a click, and then I decided to build a business that would give me the time I needed to be with my family .
The entrepreneurial spirit I have inherited from my mother, and it seems to be transmitted from generation to generation, because my daughter already draws Zevo bags.
So Zevo appeared, a soul project, “the third child”, as I call it.
And the Zevo Bags strategy is based on the power to reach people’s hearts.
ZEVO kennels are 100% handmade and everything we’ve done has been well received from simple people to people with financial potential.
We thank our clients and friends for helping us get here.

ZEVO Brand & Philosophy



Happy customers are the business sense. When a satisfied customer comes back or recommends to others, it’s fine.
With a young team, Zevo is steadily growing and is always ready to offer the best service, quality and efficiency.
In order to guarantee quality, we take into account the following aspects: creativity, talent, artistic value of work, style approached, refinement, attention to detail. And that’s because everything is transient in life, but one thing done well in time will last for years and years. The road to success begins with a strong brand. And Zevo strongly believes in the work of quality that lasts.
Smile on the lips, Energy, Value and Optimism, in a word, ZEVO.

The brand

The universe of brands that surround us has thousands and thousands of stars, but only a few are fascinating. They are most visible in the sky and attract all eyes – no matter the size, age, galaxy, but how powerful they shine. ZevoBags generates excitement and captivates, and a fascinating brand exerts an irresistible attraction, is like a magnet. At first I needed a lot of patience and perseverance. There have been many months of hard work and no results. There was a huge discrepancy between what was in my mind and the tough reality I faced every day. Sustained and constant work was needed. An online site is just like a grain of sand on a beach. Nobody could tell exactly how many grains of sand are on some beach. But a tiny grain of sand shelters a fascinating miniature world. It is terribly hard to detach yourself and to remark. The road was not easy at all, but the most important thing in the success of a business building, as in the construction of any element in life, is the MAN, which favors the place. I am very grateful for all that we have built so far. The road to success begins with a strong brand that succeeds in blossoming every spring, and designer Alexa Murteza has proposed to fill the streets with her Zevo bags, and happiness is immeasurable when she meets Zevo customers.



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